Since 1979, Top Ten School Wear has worked to build meaningful relationships with clients and provide exceptional products and service. 


Our Mission

At Top Ten, we strive to see beyond our client's needs and wants in providing quality and exceptional products to promote and enhance their identity and image. 

Uniform solutions for schools is what we do. Using plaids, colours, styles and a range of logo applications; we comprise a custom look for your school's uniform. We aim to make all students look their sharpest. 


Uniforms help relieve the tension of demanding fashion trends, dissolving the common peer pressure related to fashion within school. The use of a uniform directs the attention of students back to the learning aspect of school and promotes equality amongst individuals. 

our Values

  • Our relationships are based on integrity, honesty, trust and respect.
  • We are committed to the quality of our people, products and relationships.
  • Teamwork, innovation, customer service and continuous improvement drive our success.